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Is Your Business Actually Delivering the
Income and Lifestyle You Really Want?

Imagine a life that doesn’t require working so much, especially on things you don’t enjoy doing. Of course, that would take more money, right? (Probably a LOT more money.)

Look, I know money isn’t everything but… it gives you “options.”

The option to do the type of work that drives you… the stuff you REALLY care about, working in your specific zone of genius and making a HUGE impact in the process.

Or the option to spend more time with family or friends… or even just to take better care of yourself so you can be the best version of yourself—that person you know you COULD be if you had the time… or the resources.

I’m here to tell you that this is all not only possible, but absolutely achievable within the next 3 months... if you want it.

Now I’m not just blowing smoke.

Everything I teach, I’ve personally done myself and have also helped others do the same…by turning their expertise into a high-value offer that attracts 5-figure clients and providing them a lifestyle doing what they love and making a huge impact.

The choice is yours.

Wouldn’t it be great to have options like that?

Ah… the freedom to choose...

Only you will never TRULY have freedom until your business can run without YOU spinning the hamster wheel all by yourself…

And without YOU:

  • Charging far below what you’re really worth
  • Worrying where your next clients are coming from
  • Trading your time for money, without any leverage
  • Wearing all the hats and putting out all the fires
  • Being a cog in the machine at all

The reality is, you’ll never TRULY have the impact on this world you are capable of until you can first take the step of working ON your business instead of IN your business.

That’s why I created the Platinum Path program… to help experts like you attain the life and business you deserve, in alignment with your passions and strengths, while having the biggest positive effect on the world possible.

Look, I get it.

I used to be in the same position as you. I was stuck in the "6-figure time trap" business model. A prison of my own making.

I was constantly working… either helping existing clients or trying to get new ones. There was never any down time. Over the years, I got increasingly tired, stressed and ended up hating it all… and I couldn’t see my way out.

The business model I was relying on to sustain a living was also keeping me from really living.

After sinking what spare time and money I had into a variety of online courses and high-end coaching programs, it became apparent that there was no single course or program that would provide someone like me with EVERYTHING needed to turn my situation around quickly.

And I wasn’t alone. In spite of the occasional “overnight success story,” the reality was, only a very small percentage of students in these courses were having any real success.

And here’s what bugged me the most... the “overnight successes” were happening ONLY because they had 90-95% of the necessary ingredients in place already—the programs were only designed to help them solve one missing piece of the puzzle.

As for the rest of us (who had more “ingredients” missing) ...

Well, we just remained stuck, confused, spinning our wheels, having to come back later, or seeking help from the next expensive training program that promised to help us finish what we initially started… this could have gone on forever!

Luckily, after venturing down that path for more time than I’d like to admit, I found myself working “behind the scenes” with some true 7- and 8-figure experts who had the kind of business I wanted.

While I was helping them with initiatives to grow THEIR businesses...I carefully studied what they did, what made them different—and I had a flash of insight.

I realized that these highly successful experts were no smarter, no more hard-working, no more “together” than I was—the difference was in the way their mindsets and businesses were STRUCTURED.

I realized I didn’t have a time problem or a money problem—I had a “structure” problem. My business was fundamentally built wrong.

And I realized that there were only 5 “structural” steps that I needed to take before I could free myself from the prison I had created. 5 things I had to do…

  1. Get aligned… I had to DECIDE to change. I had to decide to raise my standards in all areas of my life and become the best version of myself. This meant reconnecting with my larger purpose in life, making profound shifts in how I saw myself, what I believed about myself, and then taking massive action to realize it.
  2. Go platinum… I didn’t know it but I had some real negative head-trash around money… charging high prices and feeling good about it. Making a big strategic (and belief) shift around my own value and pricing would have a priceless and incalculable ripple effect in my life.
  3. Offer magic… To attract high-priced clients consistently, I needed to create an irresistible core offer—a bold, clear promise of a major result, delivered in a fast, simple, systematic process—worthy of commanding a platinum price point.
  4. Go wide… To take my business to the next level, I needed a multiplier to set me free from the repetition and limits of working with each client individually. A standardized, scalable delivery system to allow me to serve many people at once.
  5. Speed up… Learning and implementing everything on my own was taking years from my life. I needed mentors, coaches and experts who could give me the distilled version and help me to achieve my goals faster, without the pitfalls, and keep me accountable along the way.

These 5 steps became the framework and inspiration for Platinum Path.

Number 5 was probably the biggest piece missing from the other programs I went through. So, in the Platinum Path program… instead of just taking your cash and sending you off to stumble through an automated course, or providing surface level group coaching, I built a team of “underground experts” to work side by side with you to personally deliver 1-on-1, hands-on guidance in all areas that you'll need.

Now these aren’t “gurus”—they’re bonafide, in-the-trenches, real-world practitioners who utilize these techniques every day in their own businesses:

  • Mindset Coach Tom Perrin: He'll help you get clear, motivated, and uncover any hidden mindset issues that could hold you back from achieving success.
  • Market Research Specialist Donielle Buie: She’ll make sure you're tapping into a viable and lucrative market while getting you crystal-clear on your ideal client, a critical component to your success.
  • Branding and Strategy Specialist Elizabeth Derby: She’ll help you position your offer for maximum impact—AND align it with your passions and talents so you spend your time doing what you love and do best.
  • Facebook Ads Expert Jim Richardson: He’ll help you create a magnetic, cost-effective campaign that gets leads popping into your inbox every day, virtually on autopilot.
  • Sales Expert Jeremy DeMerchant: He’ll help you learn how to elegantly close 5-figure clients, WITHOUT being salesy, and while staying cool, calm, and collected… like a seasoned pro!

I've assembled this superb team of experts because truly I intend for this to be the last training program you'll ever need. Once you complete the program, you'll have a platinum-plated education in entrepreneurship—and an arsenal of new million-dollar skills—that will last a lifetime.

Ready to see if Platinum Path is right for you?

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